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General Ultrasound 15 months encompasses abdominal imaging liver, gallbladder, pancreas, kidneys, etc. Additional didactic and clinical experience is provided in vascular imaging arteries and veins throughout the body. Non B.

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Latest deadline to receive original transcripts to meet requirements is December 31st. Enclose a resume describing your professional employment history include military service , professional training, volunteer experience and education list all schools attended starting with high school and including present school. The communication skills prerequisite may be met by a variety of courses including English Composition or Speech. Please see www. The admissions committee will invite each applicant meeting the entrance requirements, to the participate in the interview process.

After receipt of your completed application packet including letters of reference and transcripts an interview will be scheduled for you with the Admissions Committee.

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Students are also responsible for the cost of meals, some clinical site parking, clothing, laundry, transportation, and living accommodations. Enrollment is limited. All qualified applicants are screened and the most outstanding and qualified candidates are accepted to the program. An equal opportunity is offered to each applicant regardless of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, disability, and age 40 and over.

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Search for: Search. Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare. Connect with us. Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program. Program Goals Cognitive, Psychomotor, Affective To prepare competent entry-level general sonographers in the cognitive knowledge , psychomotor skills , and affective behavior learning domains. Utilize critical thinking while performing diagnostic medical imaging.

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Utilize proper positioning and scanning skills. Practice highest quality of care for the patient, self, and others. Document all anatomy, physiology, pathology pertinent to the each sonographic procedure for physician interpretation. Assist physicians, radiologists and other pertinent medical personnel with invasive and noninvasive procedures. Adapt and maintain skills in diagnostic medical sonography techniques under the supervision of a registered sonographer as required to become registered.

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Clinical Guide to Sonography: Exercises for Critical Thinking, 2nd Edition

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