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Kindle for ios accessibility gestures-quick reference guide i never realized how difficult it was to listen to a book on your tablet kindle wants you to purchase an.

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Why not pre-order? Go to first page Go to previous page 1 2 3 Go to next page Go to last page. Per page 12 24 36 48 60 Go. Blue Moon Jack Reacher No Mercy The brand new novel from the Queen of Crime. The Guardians The explosive new thriller from international bestseller John Grisham. The Secret of Cold Hill. Criss Cross Alex Cross Agent Running in the Field. The Shape of Night. Westwind The classic lost thriller. Detectives Chen and Castilblanco set out to solve the murder of an environmental activist.

The case soon becomes international in scope as a conspiracy involving an energy conglomerate, the Russians, and an old nemesis of the detectives is unveiled. This book was a nice get-away from my usual romance. It turns out her boyfriend has evidence on an international conspiracy. I did like this book…. The beginning drew me in…. In the series, they are all standalone books….

They uncover an international conspiracy instead…. It is recommended for serious mystery fans who are looking for not only a challenging read, but also one that allows readers to become an armchair adventurist and detective, along with Brookstone and van Coevorden, spanning many different parts of the globe. A something going on 35, a three time widow rather suspicious and still open to new romantic adventures, childless, feminine yet able to hold her ground in a male dominated profession, she is like a female version of James Bond. Thank you, author, for sparing me the feminist rant. Neary, in her Amazon review.

For summaries of each novel, please see the individual books above. No reviews yet for the entire collection…be the first to review. Or see the reviews for each novel. The Secret of the Urns , by A.

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Set in the same sci-fi universe as A. She shows that cooperation is better than xenophobia. See the reviews on the Amazon bookpage. The U. Non-stop action and thrills await the reader, as well as a bit of globe trotting like the first novel, with settings in California, France, and China. Available on Amazon and Smashwords. Mary Jo, living a calm family life, is thrust into an international plot to locate humans who were modified to be the ultimate soldiers. Striving to protect both her family and the ex-soldiers, she is forced to endure torture to achieve her goals.

I enjoyed this book as well as its political critiques.

I recommend it! The author did an incredible job with character development and story line. The twists and turns of this suspenseful read will have you turning pages as fast as possible. I was trying to guess what was going to happen next, but the author kept surprising me. I enjoyed every chapter of this book and look forward to reading more from this author. No, last woman alive…maybe. The post-apocalyptic adventures of Penny Castro.

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Mind Games , by A. You know A. Those novels are sci-fi mysteries for young adults and adults who are young at heart. In Mind Games , A. And so difficult to put down! There are such wonderful characters in this story you become invested in their adventures and their well-being.

I highly recommend this! She also can do various other unusual things…. I like the way she uses her gifts to escape and know what people are thinking. She quickly makes some allies….

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Novel, novella, short story—when I start writing, I never know how long the tale will be. I write a lot of short stories and have some novella-length works. Some of the shorts have won prizes. You can still find free ones in the list of downloads and in that blog category. Pasodobles in a Quantum Stringscape Carrick Publishing, , E — short works of speculative fiction for your reading pleasure.

There are many other stories to give you hours of entertaining reading. When I was looking for something to occupy my brain for a bit before bed, I came across it and opened it up. Five stars. Quality writing, storytelling, and creativity. Various authors are included in this anthology.

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  5. Grundlagen des alltäglichen und wissenschaftlichen Zeitverständnisses: Zu Heideggers Bezugnahme auf Aristoteles Zeitanalyse (German Edition).

The tales here should offer you hours of exciting entertainment. From murderous mathematics perhaps my favourite story in the anthology to futuristic imaginings, this book really is like a box of chocolates, with one treat following another! Fantastic Encores! Two more Dr. Carlos stories are also included.

For others, see Pasodobles in a a Quantum Stringscape. Although they introduce characters that the author created in other books, these stories stand alone. It is a collection of stories about characters from other works, for the most part, and it was good to be familiar with those characters as I read them.

There are also a couple of Dr.

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Carlos stories in this collection. Classic SF, reminds me a little of Dr. Asimov in style and content. The bare earth floor was littered with dead leaves and the decayed remnants of the old wooden pews. A dusting of snow had fallen in through the holes in the roof. Jude paced around the inside of the moonlit ruin as Ben sat on a pile of broken stone with his bag at his feet. He fished out his spare can of Zippo fuel and busied himself refilling the lighter.

Ten minutes passed. Ben began to wonder whether his mystery caller was going to make an appearance or not. Maybe Jude was right.

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  • Gedichte (German Edition).
  • More minutes passed. Jude stamped around the ruin, clutching at his sides and shivering. How can you sit still like that? Let me guess. Arctic training. A nip of whisky will warm you. Jude made a face. You sit and freeze your balls off if you want. As Jude left the church, Ben glanced impatiently at his watch.