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Kindle for ios accessibility gestures-quick reference guide i never realized how difficult it was to listen to a book on your tablet kindle wants you to purchase an.

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Grazie stellavale e benvenuta! Grazie Alberto e stellavale per gli input e i ragionamenti.

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In questo caso si parte anche da una alleanza con le istituzioni, quindi direi che possiamo per ora essere ottimisti. Doing in this way, the rampette and pulsante are still important but they become one of the service touch points. In my view this shift form a product- to a service-based approach has several advantages.

I will quote two, quite different ones:.

For the sake of this specific OpenRampette project : it permits to better discuss the related relational issues: which are the interactions between disabled persons and shopkeepers? Could the barrier be not only physical but also psychological and cultural? For the sake of OpenCare research : it permits to use for this specific project a language interactions, encounters and conversations that, I think, could help in connecting this OpenRampette project with the overall OpenCare Research.

For instance, it permits to focus on care, intended as a human relationship: a care relationship that goes beyond the rampette and the pulsante per se, but nevertheless can give them form and meaning. Is it a shop that is visited everyday or frequently therefore the shopkeeper is well known by the disabled person and vice versa , or not? Or do they prefer that Dioniso can use the shop just as any other, fully mobile, person?

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But maybe Dioniso does not want this, he only wants to get in, staying as anonymous as possible. Yes and Yes. What we were trying to do with this open conversation was to prepare the table for a conversation with Dionisos and Minervas. Thanks for your contribution. If my translation was halfway accurate you would probably be interested in wheelmap. Also I am involved in a mobility solution that will likely be another nice piece of the puzzle as it could be the organic on demand distribution channel for the ramps.

Thanks, trythis! Wheelmap keeps popping up in this context, and sure enough it makes great sense.

In his talks, Raul mentions 80K non-accessible places in Hamburg, mostly only because of one or two steps. Thanks trythis for the links, we will in be touch for sure! Actually during our meeting with the citizens the idea of a map came out organically, based on the real experience of people who have accessibility issues we called them Dionisos , and not pushed by us or by word of mouth for instance.

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We will for sure connect with these people and listen from their experience as well, thanks a lot. Challenge will go live, looks like you guys could contribute very nicely as there are different specializations and loads of prizes! Also paging Hazem because I saw you are connected to Raul. The goal of this conversation was to prepare the topics and questions for the debate with the citizens of Milan this past Thursday, May 11th. I was not there myself, but the documentation is high quality.

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Most participants seem to be either working for WeMake, or for the City Hall, or architects. Questo lo dice da sempre, continuamente, e lo ha detto anche a proposito delle questioni delle migrazioni in Europa, moltissime volte.

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Va interpretato e capito in questo senso. In All Things. James Martin, S. February 19, Show Comments 1. Comments are automatically closed two weeks after an article's initial publication. See our comments policy for more. Thanks again America for being quick to get the facts out in a speedy fashion Most popular. I reached out to every U. Here are the ones implementing the pastoral letter on racism.

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These few alleged technical specifications can also be considered confirmations relating to other rumors. In the past, in fact, we have told you that both Huawei and Xiaomi were going to make a curved smartphone but that only Xiaomi would rely on LG New rumors about Xiaomi curved smartphone. At the moment we have no information on the Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC although, we imagine, it will be a chip with a slight increase in clock compared to the current version, perhaps combined with a better passive cooling system. As for the dual rear camera, despite never having heard of it in relation to Xiaomi, it is clear that if the company does not want to lag behind its competitors Huawei P9 and iPhone 7 Plus above all , it must implement such a solution on one of the next smartphones.

Blogger, but above all passionate about technology. I am part of a generation that has passed from the cathode ray tube to smartphones, making me witness to an unprecedented technological evolution.

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