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Relationship of Measurement, Assessment, and Evaluation in Teaching Learning Process

Collecting and reviewing the responses provides insight into what themes students have retained and what your next teaching steps might be. Providing feedback on these themes to students gives them insight into their own learning.

Measurement, Assessment & Evaluation - Part -1 Measurement - 2018 - 19

You can also ask students to reflect and report on their own learning. Asking students to rate their knowledge about a topic after taking your course as compared to what they believe they knew before taking your course is an example. They are cumulative and often reveal what students have learned at the end of a unit or the end of a course. Within a course, summative assessment includes the system for calculating individual student grades.

It can be provided face-to-face in office hours, in written comments on assignments, through rubrics, and through emails. Evaluate whether or not the assessment aligns directly with a learning outcome.


Make sure the measurement is sustainable and reasonable in terms of time and resources, both for the students and the instructors e. To estimate the time that students need to complete different assignments, see the Rice University workload calculator.

If You're a Student

Use the results of the assessments to improve the course. Examples include revising course content in terms of depth vs. How are the assessments aligned with learning outcomes?

Skill development? Values clarification?

Performance attainment? The data analyses were descriptive. This study revealed that the teachers were most proficient in traditional and objective assessment methods; however they were not proficient in performance and alternative assessment methods. Thus, in-service training programs about alternative assessment methods should be provided for primary school teachers.

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