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Vole diet on experimentally managed afforestation areas in northern Sweden. Oikos 28 , Disease reveals the predator: Sarcoptic mange, red fox predation, and prey populations. Ecology 75 , Utida, S. Cyclic fluctuations of population density intrinsic to the host-parasite system. Ecology 38 , Wood, C. Parasites alter community structure. Predation, Herbivory, and Parasitism. Characterizing Communities. Species with a Large Impact on Community Structure.

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Successional Changes in Communities. Effects of Biogeography on Community Diversity. Community Ecology Introduction. Avian Egg Coloration and Visual Ecology. Causes and Consequences of Biodiversity Declines. Disease Ecology. The Ecology of Avian Brood Parasitism.

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Elemental Defenses of Plants by Metals. The Maintenance of Species Diversity. Neutral Theory of Species Diversity. Abiotically-Mediated Direct and Indirect Effects. Biological Stoichiometry. Sampling Biological Communities. Succession: A Closer Look. Dynamics of Predation. Ecological Consequences of Parasitism. Resource Partitioning and Why It Matters. Direct and Indirect Interactions.

Keystone Species. How do predation and resource availability drive changes in natural populations? Aa Aa Aa. Population Cycles in a Predator-Prey System. The top figure a shows changes in population size for voles and small game. Experimental Studies of Snowshoe Hare Populations. Average showshoe hare density increased under conditions of supplemental food and predator-removal.

Modeling Predator-Prey Interactions. Predator and prey populations cycle through time, as predators decrease numbers of prey. Foraging Behavior. Few systems oscillate in the cyclical manner of those described thus far. In reality, predator-prey systems are complex; they often involve multiple predators and multiple types of prey. What factors influence the type of prey an individual predator takes?

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What influences the foraging behavior of prey species? Under ideal circumstances, an individual will encounter high-quality food items on a regular basis. These preferred foods provide the most nutritional benefit with the fewest costs. Costs for an organism may be handling time e. When preferred foods are scarce, organisms must switch to other, less-desirable alternatives. The point at which an organism should make this shift is not easy to predict. It depends upon many factors, including the relative abundance of each of the foods, the potential costs associated with each food, and other factors, such as the risk of exposure to predators while eating.

Consider the vole-fox system described in the first section. Field voles Microtus agrestis and bank voles Clethrionomys glareolus preferentially consume forbs and grasses, but they will turn to the bark from trees when their preferred foods become scarce. Bark contains poorer-quality nutrients than do grasses and forbs. In addition, voles must venture into the open to approach trees to feed on bark, making them more vulnerable to predation by foxes, which rely on sight to find their prey. Only when the preferred foods are very difficult to find—as occurs during times of population peaks—do voles switch to bark.

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  5. Increasing Complexity: Host-parasite Interactions. Thus far, we have focused on herbivore-plant interactions and predator-prey interactions, but parasites also play an important role in regulating populations of their hosts. The Francisella tularensis bacteria that cause tularemia are commonly found in both voles and hares in the Swedish boreal forest. Voles serve as a host species for F.

    Infection by these bacteria may play a role in the population cycles of these species Figure 1b , though we currently lack data that demonstrate a causal link. Other parasites, however, have been shown to impact the overall food web. The ectoparasite Sarcoptes scabiei is a mite that causes sarcoptic mange. Erik R.

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    Lindstrom and colleagues were surprised to discover that a decline in the fox population did not affect numbers of voles, which continued to oscillate as before. The fox population decline did, however, result in increased population sizes of mountain hares and grouse. References and Recommended Reading Berven, K. Moore, J. The Behavior of Parasitized Animals. BioScience 45 , Article History Close.

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