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It is a primitive frog of the family Bombinatoridae, suborder Archaeobatrachia, and a native of northeastern Asia. This article was originally published in forum thread: Fire-Bellied Toad Care and Breeding - Bombina orientalis and relatives started by John View original post.

Basic Fire Belly Toad Information

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This article provided me with very helpful insight - so much so that my firebelly toads have had over eggs! I have sold half of them already! Thanks so much! Monty - August 30th, Great article! Thank you very much for writing this, as I just bought my first 3x frogs I found this extremely usefull.

Fire Belly Toads

Posiondartfrog - January 3rd, Thank you i will buy myn as soon as my room is finished being decorated, I will post pictures! This is great information. I've been doing research for developing a habitat out of a 10 gal tank for FBT's and have seen many simple and elaborate set ups. As stated, it can be as simple or as detailed as your imagination and pocketbook allow. BTW, the link to Johnny Farnen's photo is not currently working.

I can't wait to start. FrogNoobie - June 20th, Wow, This is cool! Good job! Molly - July 4th, I love how this provides me with all the important information I need, all in one spot!

Excellent article! Faith - August 14th, Amazing article, ty so much for posting!

I had one thing to point out not sure when it quit working but I noticed it had when I went to view it. The link for " Bombina Bob - January 28th, Awesome care article but how do i sex the toads? Lauralee - May 11th, Originally Posted by Bombina Bob.

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Fire-Bellied Toad Care (Quick and Easy)

Fire Salamander - January 19th, It is largely a bluff, however, as fire belly toads are not that toxic as amphibians go though you should still wash your hands after handling, as their toxins can be irritating. They are quite small, only 2 to 3 inches across.

The fire-bellied toad makes a range of noises, though most are in a high register that some people compare to the sound of a bell. Unlike many other animals, who vocalize on an exhale, they create sound by inhaling. Although males and females look very similar, one surefire way to tell the difference between them is by sound: females do not make noise at all.

The male's mating call sounds like a long bark, often lasting 12 seconds. Males also croak when, during mating season, a male mistakenly jumps on their back instead of onto a female. During mating season, males begin to emit mating calls at regular intervals in hopes of attracting females. When a female approaches, he jumps onto her back and begins to copulate. They then swim around together, the female laying the eggs while the male fertilizes them.

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Oftentimes breeding sites will contain significantly more males than females -- sometimes as high as a 10 to 1 ratio -- which can cause problems when males mistakenly jump on males. Male and female fire belly toads are quite difficult to tell apart. Much of the time, in fact, it is nearly impossible, especially if males are silent.

During mating season, however, males develop rough, bumpy or horny pads on their fingers and forearms. Sarah Moore has been a writer, editor and blogger since