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Due Diligence is a suspense-filled movie in your mind. Parr rolls the film, controls the color and sound exquisitely; he teases you, he jolts you with action and takes you up and down the roller coaster. Does Alex's beloved Julia survive the action? How could she? Who or what is "Chico and Gang"? To find out -- do your own 'Due Diligence'.

With new security threats nearly every week all over the globe, governments and businesses are forced to take extraordinary measures to protect themselves. Likewise, espionage continues at levels comparable to the days of the Cold War—but many more players are now participating. In this environment, a new industry has grown to deal with these challenges: international security consulting. Drawing from military, law enforcement, and intelligence communities, new private companies are springing up across the world.

Global Security Consulting , written by a former intelligence specialist who has built a successful consultancy, provides solid guidance for anyone wishing to enter this glamorous but often dangerous field. Battle hardened, tribally oriented, and deeply committed to its cause, the Taliban has proven itself resourceful, adaptable, and often successful. As such, the Taliban presents a counterinsurgency puzzle for which the United States has yet to identify effective military tactics, information operations, and Coalition developmental policies.

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Written by one of the Department of the Army's leading intelligence and military analysts on the Taliban, this book covers the group's complete history, including its formation, ideology, and political power, as well as the origins of its current conflict with the United States. The work carefully analyzes the agenda, capabilities, and support base of the Taliban; forecasts the group's likely course of action to retake Afghanistan; and details the Coalition forces' probable counterinsurgency responses.

Author Mark Silinsky also reviews the successes and failures of the latest U. The story traces the childhood experiences of an African-American C. Poverty and racism were lesser evils than the Cinderella-like experiences in his dysfunctional family. He endured the volatility of a no-nonsense mother who used the rod at his slightest infraction, and the loathing of two stepfathers that sought to isolate him from the family. By age fifteen, he was the primary caregiver for six half-brothers and sisters. The twists and turns of growing up in a dysfunctional family forced an emotional, intellectual, and spiritual renaissance in his life.

Through adversity and chance, at an early age he learned to decouple his self-image from his turbulent childhood experiences. More importantly, he learned to keep a cool head in the face of antagonistic and ambiguous situations, and refused to let others define his personal worth.

At sixteen, an unbearable home situation caused him to drop out of high school and join the U.

He welcomed the Navy's carefully constructed value system that demanded teamwork, courage, and personal confidence. He discovered that the world was big, complicated, and very different from the one he had known. Yet, he felt safe for the first time in his life. After the Navy, he worked at several dead-end jobs. Friends and colleagues convinced him to complete his education. He received his high school diploma at age twenty-three, and attended undergraduate school at the University of California, Los Angeles U. He worked for several international businesses before coming to the attention of the C.

The Agency offered him a unique opportunity to serve his country that he could not refuse. Unlike most books about C. It traces many of his positive and negative childhood experiences that, in hindsight, proved essential to his success as a case officer in the covert services of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Of the book But more than that, his story is an account of extraordinary personal courage that sets a standard for those who would call themselves intelligence officers. Thank you for all the work Mountain Lake Press did in bringing this inspiring CIA Officer's autobiography into print in the manner it long deserved. Holm corrects the media's portrayal of spying operations as car chases punctuated by martinis shaken-not-stirred and disregard for American laws and values. His story magnifies the importance of human intelligence in warfare, and is demonstrable of the valor of our clandestine services.

One might say America was lucky to have him. Orion Strategic Services September 11, , pgs, paperback, available at Amazon. Ex CIA ops officer, Bill Boyle, has been languishing in limbo in Mexico since the day his wife, another CIA officer, was blown to pieces in front of him during an op on the streets of Athens. Now he's been given a chance to redeem himself and find his wife's killers, but to do so he is going to have to return to Greece and dig up an old, and very dangerous asset, codenamed Aphrodite. Based on the author's own real experiences as a CIA operative working against terrorist groups in Europe and the Middle East, this is as close as you can get to running an operation yourself without signing up for the Company.

Charles S. Faddis is retired CIA operations officer. He spent twenty years working undercover against terrorist groups, WMD networks and rogue states. This is his first foray into fiction. The novel will resonate with anyone interested in current affairs. The story catches up with Steve Church and Kella Hastings from their previous assignment see le Gallo's The Caliphate , as they are sent to Tehran on a CIA mission to determine the status of Iran's nuclear weapons program.

The backdrop to the story includes naval clashes in the gulf, Inside-the-Beltway intrigue, and Iran's religious and tribal mosaics. You will never read the headlines in quite the same way again! The author has also written papers for intelligence journals and has spoken on intelligence topics to universities on each coast e. He was a Visiting Scholar at the Hoover Institution. Further details are available on the Mountain Lake Press website. And you can read it on your Kindle, your iPad, your Nook and on all electronic readers. Harper; Hardcover; ; November 9, Gail H.

Nelson, Ph. The U. Cold War History. Strategic Early Warning. Poland Warsaw Pact. Brezhnev Doctrine. Eastern Europe.

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Soviet Union. The KGB coopted Vatican officials of many levels, employing blackmail and agents who became priests for the sole purpose of getting high church assignments.

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One especially audacious and odious stunt was for a housekeeper couple to present a inch ceramic statute of the Virgin Mary to Cardinal Agostino Caseroli. Koehler reproduces pages of these transcripts that he acquired from Stasi files after the collapse of East Germany. Another summarized a talk between the pontiff and Secretary of State William Rogers.

The East German security service, Stasi, and Bulgarian and Polish agents did much of the spying scut work. Koehler identifies by name a staggering number of priests who spied on their own masters, either because of blackmail or ideological weaknesses. The Soviet spy rings were vast and effective.

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But there were Vatican successes as well. The KGB scoured schools in the Ukraine for young men who were schooled in spycraft, then steered into the priesthood. But within months, many were detected and dispatched home by Father Robert A. Graham, originally from San Francisco, a Jesuit counterintelligence expert who had learned his trade fighting Nazi infiltration of the Vatican. In Poland, the Communist services recruited an estimated 10 percent to 14 percent of the serving priests to spy on the church.

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Inquiries are ferreting out and humiliating these persons with regularity. Koehler accepts contentions that ultimate responsibility for the attempted murder of Pope John Paul II lies with the Soviets, acting through Bulgarian surrogates.

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  • La plasmación política de la diversidad: Autonomía y participación política indígena en América Latina (Derechos Humanos nº 17) (Spanish Edition).
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The myriad theories swirling around Europe — a cottage industry rivaling in scope the JFK assassination — are beyond the scope of a word commentary. Koehler, a former Army counterintelligence officer, reported for the Associated Press for 40 years, chiefly from Europe.

A must-read that ranks with his earlier book on the Stasi. Cummings McFarland Publishers, pp. This history of the stations in the Cold War era reveals the perils their staff faced from the Soviet Union, Bulgaria, Romania and other communist states. Appendices include security reports, letters between Carlos the Jackal and German terrorist Johannes Weinrich and other documents, many of which have never been published.

Author Richard H. Intelligence officers are employees of the government, working in a business that some would consider unethical. Gates, John P. Langan, S. Contributors and their topics are as follows: Part 1: Ethics and the Intelligence Community— 1. Ethics and Intelligence by J. Drexel Godfrey. Intelligence Ethics by R. Jones 3.