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If you are working with one of the more challenging cards, it would be a good idea to do it with someone so that you are not completely on your own in dealing with what comes up. Creating a Tarot Essence is really very simple and can be done in one of three ways: The first method is to fill a glass with pure spring water or filtered tap water and place it directly over the card for a minimum of 15 minutes. Just 15 minutes is enough if the essence is charged by direct sunlight.

Other conditions usually require a longer period of time — allow your intuition to guide you. You also use a pendulum to check if the essence is ready. Feel free to put a clear quartz crystal or a crystal corresponding to the card energy in the glass for programming at the same time. The other way is to place the tarot card in a glass or jar inside a bowl filled with spring water or filtered tap water. Again, you need to let the water absorb the card energy for at least 15 minutes before drinking it. This method is ideal if you are creating an essence for more than one person.

Essence of Tarot's Magician

Shake well. From this mother tincture, you can then make up treatment bottles by filling 10 ml dropper bottles with a about a third of your favourite preservative, about two-thirds of spring water and top it up with a couple of drops from the Mother tincture.

Tarot and Kabbala – Grandmother's Healing Wisdom

What we offer: soul numerology readings, tarot readings, angel card readings, chakra balancing, energy healing, massage, or simply pop in for a cup of coffee and a delicious treat and chill in our Moroccan-inspired chill space. Our three new healing studios and soul retreat space are based from our urban sanctuary in the heart of the Constantia wine route and the green forested suburb of Tokai, Cape Town. From this dedicated healing space we facilitate healing processes, sacred teachings and soul retreats. Book your session with us today! We offer energy healing sessions, spiritual healing sessions, soul numerology readings, tarot readings, energy coaching, hypnotherapy and various relaxation massages.

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Are you a talented massage therapist? Cards 1 — the person who seeks and the nature of the problem and its main influences. If they are in conflict, the cards on the right may be considered the direction of the one who seeks, life will naturally flow unless action is taken to change its course. The the cards on the left will be possibilities of alternative action. Cards 6,10,14 — assist the one in making whatever decision may be necessary. The implications of the issue.

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So this is how I started out practicing.. In my own words and opinions, tarot cards represent the parts of life and the journey one takes during stages of life. By understanding these ideas and images, we learn to intuitively tap into deeper parts of ourselves, and learn to connect with others in more meaningful ways as well. The more I got to understand the cards, I started pulling 1, 2 or 3 randomly, depending on my mood and allowing the cards to offer me advice. Most times I was completely blown away. When I let myself allow the cards to give me a message, I found myself with a peace of mind, stillness and calmness.

Tarot Stella: A Limited Run Remedy Kit

When I was anxious, emotional or sad, I would draw a card and thank the gods for giving me the exact message that I needed to hear in that exact moment. So my advice to you, is to click play and watch the video below. If you can relate to it or feel drawn to it, consider getting your own deck and allowing your own self and the cards to send you messages, that may help you tremendously on your path. I now enjoying reading cards for my family and friends and seeing the look on their face when the message is something that they can completely and utterly relate to.

Your email address will not be published. Which follows 5 sets of cards in pairs of 3, representing: Cards 1 — the person who seeks and the nature of the problem and its main influences. Hello, and welcome to our introductory series on Tarot!

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