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That's Fangio poised at am for the start of the Mille Miglia in this car in the picture above. Unlike all the others, it had never been raced, had been with one family from new, was in perfect condition and had been donated to charity, which always adds a premium at auction. By comparison, there are a lot more Ferrari GTOs than there should be for them to command such stratospheric prices. The exact number that were produced is a tad complex to understand: 33 Series I cars were made in with the Series I body we all recognize, another three series II cars with an LM style body were made in , plus another three GTOs with a four-liter engine in , and four of the Series I cars were transformed by the factory to Series II bodies in too.

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So, depending on what you classify as a genuine GTO, the answer is 29, 33, 36 or Regardless, they all still exist, and they have traditionally been so closely held that only one has been offered at auction in recent times. The collectible car marketplace has three tiers: the auction marketplace, collectible car dealers and private sales.

The auction segment only accounts for between 10 and 25 percent of the total market, so it is just the tip of this massive multi-billion-dollar iceberg, and as the only visible part, it obfuscates what has really happened and gets all the attention. As you will see in the details below, the Ferrari GTO would have held the world outright record for much of the last four decades if the real sales in the private "brokered" segment of the market had been visible. Provenance adds a premium to the sale price of elite cars, and the car in question had an impressive competition history, including having won the epic 2,km 1,mi Tour de France Automobile.

The Monterey auction is hence being seen as an important milestone in the GTO price history as it will be one of a handful of sales in which the price has been publicly visible.

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That article encapsulates most of the reasons that an enthusiast might consider in justifying to themselves why the GTO has become the apex automobile in a market worth many billions of dollars and tens of thousands of cars each year … except for the investment returns, the prestige and the networking with the world's highest performance people involved. Not all of the owners of Ferrari GTO cars are known, with many owners preferring anonymity, and though some previous lists of GTO owners have been published, they are now well out of date and no-one knows who they all are.

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The degree of wealth which GTO owners have stored in their garage generally runs well beyond a single car, often running to more than a hundred cars, many of them worth tens of millions into the bargain. There was a survey done a few years ago that concluded the average Bugatti owner also owns 84 cars, three jets, and a yacht. There were only 22 serial numbers allocated by Ferrari for the the TR and 20 machines extant. Do the math! Indeed, high performance cars run in the family, because Lawrence's son Lance Stroll is currently in his second season with Williams Martini F1 , scoring a podium position third place, at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in an uncompetitive car during his first year, becoming the second-youngest driver to finish an F1 race on the podium and the youngest to do so during his rookie season.

Lawrence purchased GTO in , two years before Lance was born, and immediately went about finding and installing the original engine in time to drive the 35th anniversary GTO tour in , subsequently attending Brandon Wang's GTO Garden party and the Coys International Historic Festival at Silverstone in Stroll has driven in all the anniversary tours since then, the period-dress Goodwood Revival Meeting in the United Kingdom, and dozens of events in the United States. Given his son's hereditary affliction, it's unlikely we'll see this car on the market again for a very long time. Craig McCaw was one of America's mobile phone pioneers who saw the future and moved faster than the incumbent telcos to develop the networks and mobile services the public wanted.

Two of his brothers own another GTO. As is the case with most GTO owners, it's not the only car in the shed, and in McCaw's case it is just one of many superb examples of almost every conceivable piece of automotive exotica one can imagine. The collection built by Craig and his brother Bruce included more than cars, before they began pruning the less-than-perfect examples. McCaw's GTO was originally built for legend Stirling Moss , but Moss never actually raced it because his career finished on April 23, when he crashed a Lotus during the Glover Trophy at Goodwood, putting himself in a coma and partially paralyzing his left side for six months.

The car had been ordered by British Racing Partnerships which raced under the UDT Laystall banner in , hence its distinctive green colour. The team was owned by former Indy competitor, Alfred Moss, father of Stirling, and was shared by Innes Ireland and Marsten Gregory for the remainder of the season.

Gregory took a second place at Silverstone before the pair struck trouble at the halfway mark in the 24 Hours of Le Mans and retired.

Ireland took wins at Brands Hatch and the Tourist Trophy at Goodwood before season's end when the car was sold to Austrian actor Gunther Philipp who won the and Austrian GT championships in the car. There are many indications that the good Baron understands what money is meant to be used for, including that at his current tender 72 years of age, he only gave up racing cars five years ago. The car's provenance includes being owned for seven years by Lord Anthony Bamford.

Over the subsequent decade it appeared at the most prestigious events across Europe before becoming part of the Stieger Family's Turning Wheel Collection in St. This GTO's journey reflects the racing car's curse of being considered worthless once it was no longer competitive in its class. In the immediate years after it was built it had a spectacular history, being driven by such notables as Michael Parkes, Richie Ginther and Innes Ireland, before falling on hard times.

He served as Chairman of Walmart from to The car finished fourth outright and second in class at the 1,km Nurburgring race, and fifth outright and second in the GT class at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, both times driven by Lucien Bianchi with Gerard Langlois van Ophem sharing the first result and Belgian Jean Blaton the second.

T banner with Dan Gurney and Jim Hall driving.

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In the race, SA was in third place at the halfway mark, but a half-shaft broke and they retired. The car's only other start was the Bridgehampton Double in September where Dan Gurney finished second in class and third outright and it was onsold before the end of , having eight owners in the next six years. Hindsight is indeed the only vision.

GTO GT was purchased by Ed Davies of Coral Gables, Florida in from Japanese collector Yoshiyuki Hayashi, and has been driven in all the anniversary tour events, raced all around the world at the most prestigious historic race meetings, and shown across America at the most important concours events. Indeed, we're not sure what Ed and wife Leslie have done work-wise to accumulate their stellar car collection, because a few years ago a motoring journalist asked Ed what he did for a job, and he answered, "not much of anything.

Prior to Microsoft, Shirley worked for Tandy Corporation. Jon's GT had a successful racing history in its youth, being driven by such greats as Roy Salvadori, Graham Hill pictured below in this car and Richie Ginther. It was purchased shortly thereafter by Shirley, though the final price was not disclosed. Shirley is a serious car collector, as this SportsCar Digest interview indicates , as does the clip below.

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Nick Mason was the drummer in Pink Floyd , the English rock band that began in when the GTO was still winning races , broke up in , got back together again in for a short time, then reformed in through Wikipedia describes Pink Floyd thus: Distinguished by their use of philosophical lyrics, sonic experimentation, extended compositions, and elaborate live shows, they are one of the most commercially successful and influential groups in popular music history. Mason may well be one of the world's most influential and financially successful musicians, but he has motor oil running in his family's veins.

Nick's father Bill was a film maker who drove in the Mille Miglia and he made countless documentaries about the history of motorsport. Nick Mason and fellow-superstar Dave Gilmour also of Pink Floyd made a documentary about the famous Carrera Panamerica that is well worth checking out. Remarkably, The Dark Side of the Moon was still on the Billboard charts five years after its release and would remain so for another nine years.

The band was beginning work on The Wall at the time — an album so broad in concept that, like Michael Jackson's Thriller , it would be a landmark in entertainment, pointing the way to the future. The Wall is 2 on the all-time best-seller list of double albums. Four-time World Champion Jackie Stewart famously called it the "Green Hell" and it isn't the place for an inexperienced numpty to learn how to drive a hp, kg racing car, lest they be smeared across the scenery.

Nick Mason was most certainly never a motorsport numpty, having driven his beloved Ferrari GTO in every anniversary tour event since , famously "dropping a valve" on the outskirts of Paris during the 20th Anniversary Tour event, plus countless races since he purchased the car 40 years ago. Anthony Bamford Oakamoor, U.

He was knighted in at the age of He owns two Ferrari GTOs. This car has been driven in competition extensively by Anthony, who drove it in the 30th, 35th and 40th anniversary GTO tours, by daughter Alice in the 45th Anniversary Tour and by his son Joe in the 50th Anniversary Tour.

Joe has also been racing the car since , usually sharing the driving with TV presenter, race engineer and driver Alain de Cadenet. As President and CEO, Anthony presided over the company, which became the largest software company in the world before he retired at the tender age of 49 in He said in an interview with the New York Times upon his retirement : "I didn't want to wait until I'm old and decrepit, having amassed a great fortune, and not enjoyed life. Computer Associates is one of those all-consuming places; either you're in it percent or you're not.

Anthony has certainly used his "great fortune" to enjoy himself since then. Before jumping to any sexist assumptions, Lulu made her fortune in her own right , and both Anthony and Lulu have shown and raced both GTOs all over the world.


That's quite some collection. Ferrari GTO GT was campaigned from new for four years in events across France, with many wins, before having a string of short term custodians before being purchased by world-renowned cancer surgeon, Paul F. Schouwenburg in Schouwenburg published the book Ferrari Fever: A Lifetime Collecting, Restoring and Racing the Rarest Italian Automobiles , detailing his passion for restoring a cavalcade of rare Ferraris, with GTO GT one of the cars extensively featured in the book and appearing on the front cover above and the back cover.

This car was returned to perfection by a world-leading surgeon — not many cars can claim such an honor. Italian-born, Swiss biotech entrepreneur Ernesto Bertarelli became CEO of his father's pharmaceuticals company, Serono , in , and inherited ownership with his sister in The company's most notable achievements in this period were the discovery of a natural hormone used in the treatment of female infertility, and treatments for multiple sclerosis and growth hormone deficiency. Whilst Ernesto Bertarelli may not yet be a global household name on account of his business exploits, he most certainly is due to his feats on the global stage of competitive sailing where he founded the yachting syndicate Team Alinghi , then skippering the winning boat in the Louis Vuitton Cup and the America's Cup in , returning the "Auld Mug" to Europe for the first time since the inaugural race around the Isle of Wight.

Bertarelli assembled a "dream team" crew and in the win and the successful defense, he was the only Swiss national on board. Prior to Bertarelli's ownership, Ferrari GTO was owned and campaigned since by German Property Developer Hartmut Ibing, who drove it in the 20th, 25th, 30th, 35th and 40th anniversary GTO tours, but has been seen only fleetingly since the turn of the millennium. It has several times been shown at Techno Classica in Essen, and also took a star turn at the Ferrari Exhibition Pantheon, in Basel, Switzerland in Concerning the sale of Ferrari GTO , Ibing wrote , "It is never easy to part with a car which has been part of your life for 40 years.

When that car is a Ferrari GTO which you dreamed of as a youth and worked hard in your business career to own, the decision is even more difficult Using his resources wisely, Carlos Monteverde's racing career has been quite spectacular in historic racing, having twice won the Le Mans Legend race. Fabrizio Violati was scion of a wealthy family with business interests in agriculture and mineral water bottling under the Ferrarelle brand. Italian Giorgio Perfetti is the co-owner of Perfetti Van Melle , the world's third largest confectionery manufacturer and the company responsible for Chupa Chups , Alpenliebe , Airheads and Mentos.

Giorgio commissioned a series of 16 books, each detailing one Ferrari from his collection. It first saw the light of day at the London Car Show, had 22 starts in competition in period and only finished off the podium twice, taking the top step the majority of the time. Since retiring from racing in , it has had just three loving custodians of 12 years, 10 years and Giorgio has owned the car since July, John Mozart is a technology billionaire of sorts, as he was in the right place at the right time: Silicon Valley just as it became the global epicenter for digital innovation, venture capital and social media.

His privately-owned Palo Alto Property Company has developed over 5. Many of his projects were built and managed by the company for his own asset portfolio, and apart from now being recognized worldwide for his car collection, his mastery of his profession earned him a spot in the Commercial Real Estate Association's Hall of Fame.

In , Mozart turned his passion for automobiles into an art auto museum in Mountain View containing many of the world's finest automobiles. His cars have won awards at the world's most prestigious events, including the Pebble Beach Concours d' Elegance, and he has won at racetracks across the country.

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Charles E. Charlie Nearburg founded Nearburg Exploration in , quickly expanding it to become one of the largest independent oil and gas exploration companies in the US. His auto racing career has been diverse and very successful. In addition to competing regularly in the Toyota Atlantic series, he has competed in the 24 Hours of Le Mans in a Ferrari SP for Pilot Motorsports, had three appearances in the CART Champ Car series and he has also broken a number of land speed records, including taking the world land speed record for wheel-driven cars in Guichet ran a shipyard in Marseille and was a successful industrialist by the time he had turned 21, enabling him to buy and race his own Ferraris and eventually convince Enzo Ferrari he deserved a seat in works cars.

In a interview, Lauren said: "I've always seen cars as art.