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New Genre Emerging: Contemporary German Graphic Literature

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He defines Revelation 12 as an important piece of textual evidence for the exceptionally productive idea of the apocalyptic fall of Satan in early Judaism and Christianity, thus contributing to the history of the development of Jewish and Christian Satanology. The entry has been added to your favourites.

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  • He wants to destroy the consciousness among the believers that Jesus Christ is coming soon. If we say that His coming is not so important, it shows that we do not love Him.

    New Genre Emerging: Contemporary German Graphic Literature

    If we long for Jesus Christ, we would also prepare ourselves for His coming. The main thing is that you love the Lord and, if this is the case, you do not need any signs. We should love God, but in the same way, we should heed the signs of the times. If we pay attention to the signs and await His coming, this will change our lives, our daily walk and our prayers. We were pretty much ready the whole time.

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